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Hardware aspect

Professionally dedicated to the design and construction of computer room engineering (data center), as well as the integration of large enterprises weak current system to provide a total solution. The business scope is: computer room engineering, network integrated wiring system, multimedia system, security system, intelligent building control system. The company provides comprehensive support from technical consulting, engineering design, product supply, installation and commissioning, commissioning and after-sales service and long-term maintenance, providing one-stop service for customers' information intelligence.

Software aspect
Not all industrial applications can be implemented with standard "off the shelf" software products. At AAS, we realize that customers need customized, application-specific software solutions—our goal is to provide the most appropriate tool for the project.
Software engineering is more than just "intuitive coding" - software engineers use well-defined scientific principles and procedures to deliver an efficient and reliable software product. Software engineering services include the entire product lifecycle services (requirements, design, development, testing, implementation) required to develop and implement industrial IT systems.

At AAS, we are proud of our application-oriented software development engineers to solve our customers' industrial problems as a driving force and challenge.

The core competence of our software engineering

The core competencies of our software engineering include:
● Machine/production process data acquisition
● Production network communication: fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, OPC, etc.
● Internet of Things
● Visualization and HMI human machine interface
● Process Monitoring
● Security application, alarm processing and reporting
● Product production and production line maintenance plan
● Measurement and instrumentation
● Production database and history
● Local storage and cloud applications

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