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Project One : Automatic cigarette sorting line

Background of the project

Customers need a complete automatic cigarette sorting line control system.

It is used for automatic processing of retail customer orders (order data) in cigarette distribution center, automatic sorting of cigarettes, dispensing, and automatic processing of anti-counterfeiting labels.


Control components: Intelligent control with Siemens S7-300 PLC.

Complex process: Cigarettes are automatically transported from the reel to the sealer. The cigarette case enters the automatic warehouse on the main conveyor, and automatically completes the process from loading and unloading of the loading and unloading truck to the cleaning station, code spraying, identification, sorting and stacking.


The automatic cigarette sorting line greatly improves the efficiency of cigarette sorting, reduces management costs, and reduces the workload of personnel. The classification error rate is less than 1/10000 and the classification speed is up to 10000 / h.





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