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Project One : Ultrapure water treatment system

Background of the project

The ultrapure water treatment system uses reverse osmosis membrane elements, pressure vessels, high pressure pumps, high efficiency pretreatment equipment and post-treatment refined desalination equipment.

The goal of this project is to ensure a very stable and constant water flow (12m3 / h), and the water quality meets the electronic grade technical standards of the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China.


Hardware part: OMRON CP1H PLC, Simatic HMI, ABB VFD, soft starter, Schneider Electric low voltage module.

Control software: Custom PLC and VFD programs, including manual and automatic processes, alarm handling. The speed of the pure water pump is closed-loop controlled on the basis of external water supply.


A reliable VFD solution saves a lot of energy and delivers a fast return on investment for our customers.
Since installation, the system has been running stably, guaranteeing a constant flow of 12m3 / h. Water quality is kept within the specified parameters





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