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Project One : Environmental control of LED plant factories

Background of the project

There are new, more effective ways to grow vegetables. There is no soil, no sunlight, only light and liquid nutrients, this is the plant factory.

The four key factors in plant factories are artificial light sources, nutrient solution preparation, environmental monitoring and control.


Main control components: Siemens S7-1200 PLC, Simatic HMI, Advantech IPC and monitoring software

Realization functions: real-time monitoring of field data, automatic control of electric valves and light sources, data acquisition and storage, data analysis, automatic reporting, fault analysis, etc.


After the system was delivered, it has been running stable so far. Some of the benefits of an automatic control system: independent of the external environment (stable production), safe, non-polluting products without pesticides, fully automated systems give workers a relatively comfortable working environment.





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